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About Badbaan

In 2004, a group of motivated activists and vibrant entrepreneurs from community organizations came forward and established a district level organization Badbaan Enterprise Development Forum (BEDF) with a clear approach to reduce unemployment and poverty through developing entrepreneurship programs.

BEDF, formally registered under Society Act 1860 ( January 2006), as a non- profit civil society organization, working for the socio-economic uplift of poor and marginalized segments of the society with especial focus on the rural communities.


A Prosperous Society with sustainable livelihood opportunities


Alleviate poverty by improving the livelihood assets, skills and practices for poor and vulnerable segments 

  Legal Status
Registered in 2005 under Society Act 1860, Register NO.850/5/3375 (Registrar N.W.F.P Peshawar)
  Type of Organization
Service Delivery, Advocacy and Capacity building Trainings

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