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  Livelihood Enhancement and Enterprise Development


Projects / Programs Implemented (2004 to 2014)




Name of Project

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Empowerment Thru Entrepreneurship Development Project (EEDP) 

Initiated by SRSP


(1) 14 (6m + 8f) from CBOs of 07 U.Cs of Haripur and trained as Enterprise Development Facilitator.

(2) 144 potential entrepreneurs/producers trained and linked with market. 84 entrepreneurs and 550 producers enhanced their income (Rs.1000 to 1500/month).

(3) Business Development service providers Organization BADBAAN Enterprise Development Forum came on board


Enterprise Development

Self help 


(1) 60 Entrepreneurs & 540 Producers improved their skills & linkages

(2) Badbaan Registered under societies Act 1860.

(3) Linkages of BEDF increased  with Government and non government organizations


Empowerment thru Entrepreneurship Development (EEDP-II)

Rural Support Program Net Work (RSPN)


(1) Office setup established in Haripur

(2) Expended the program in other 5 U.Cs of Haripur

(3) Recognition of  BEDF as local institution

(4) Generated interest in Business trainings

(5) Reached out to 122 potential Entrepreneurs and 861 producers/HBWs for direct support and improved their skills and linkages 

(6) 16 (f & m) Master Trainers improved their skills of  conduction (Business & technical Skill Development  Trainings) 


Empowerment thru Entrepreneurship Development (EEDP-III)




(1) Collective enterprise concept introduced at village and U.C level in grass roots communities

(2) Formed 15 community groups for business development interventions.

(3) 505 (127m & 378w) HBWs improved their technical as well as entrepreneurial skills and improved their income

(4) 24 (10w & 14m) trained as enterprise activist and focal persons from 10 U.Cs and they are working as local resource

(5) During the project period, the trained entrepreneurs/HBWs mobilized the orders of handicrafts amounting to Rs.388180 from different venders

(6) Linkages of HBWs/entrepreneurs enhanced in the  big markets


Gender based violence against women

NET (Peshawar)


(1) 06 awareness workshops conducted, 800 women and men oriented about the women rights specifically, violence against women

(2) Police officials trained  to dealt with women cases

(3) 05 family cases identified and referred to NET for management and support

(4)  Arranged awareness raising seminars

2009 (8 months)

Empowerment of

People with Disabilities (PWDs)

HI (Pakistan) 


(1) 150 PWDs/Family members of PWDs and HBWs improved their handicrafts making and business development skills and involved in income generation.

(2) 60 PWDs with family members started home based enterprises and provided financial support for business

(3) Traditional skill of handicrafts (embroidery) improved and marketable products prepared by the HBWs and linked with markets in Haripur, Abbottabad and Lahore.

(4) Women HBWs and PWDs exposed and linked with markets and other HBWs and they encouraged to involve income generation


Farmers Development (Six months capacity Building)



(1) 60 small farmers capacitated and enabled to grow vegetable seeds

(2) 500 kg seed of OKRA certified by the seed certification board and marketed by Farmers


Relief and rehabilitation (Flood affectees)



Actively participated in relive activities under the directions of District Government (DCO Office) and also provided Rs.30000/- financial support to affected families.


Voter Education

Election Commission


As notified member of District Voter Education Committee, conducted community orientation sessions regarding Elections 2013.

2009-2014 (Continue) 

Economic Empowerment through credit and enterprise Development



(1) 4181 men and women capacitated in business development thru Micro credit, business development trainings, product / skill development and market linkages. They  improved their business techniques and enhanced family income

(2) BEDF Physical setup strengthened and increased the Organizational capacity & equipments for smooth functions to serve the community.


(3)  Staff and Executive body member trained in credit handling and enterprise development.

(4)  Easy Financial services provided in rural areas

(5) Accessibility and mobility of women HBWs in income generating actualized   and they honored in their families and community circuits.

(6) New income generating opportunities identified and adopted by the communities

(7) New techniques and technologies introduced among rural communities.


Embroidery Value Chain Development (April 2013-Sep 2014)

To enhance the women participation in income generation “Embroidery Value Chain Development Project” initiated in 18 villages of Haripur, more than 200 women embroidery workers capacitated in embroidery designing, color combination according to the latest trends. Groups of women embroidery workers linked with fashion designers, national level outlets and raw material suppliers. Women embroidery producers mobilized orders from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi markets and also participated and sold out their products in different craft exhibitions and fashion shows.



Livestock and Poultry Value Chain Development Project (April-December 2014


Nine Months Livestock and Poultry Value Chain Development Project initiated in 18 villages of Haripur and 300 women capacitated in in-house poultry farming and goat farming. Latest techniques & practices introduced through orientation sessions and trainings. Linkages increased and certified breeds purchased by the women.

·         Village level groups of groups providing the facilitating environment for women to increase their hose hold monthly income

·         Women accessibility & visibility increased

·         Traditional skills revived and utilized in to income generation










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